The consequences of Uganda’s limited education spending

Uganda may lose out on a $100 million grant for education funding from the World Bank because it has failed to allocate adequate government money to education, according to All Africa

Although the country is still technically eligible to apply for the Global Partnership for Education grant, the World Bank has said one of its conditions is that at least 20 percent of the national budget must be devoted to education. 

Uganda, in fact, has dropped its education spending from 17 percent of the national budget - as laid out in a 2010 plan - to 14 percent. 

"This is something that the secretariat will examine. It is a serious issue," said Sukhdeep Brar, an education specialist at the World Bank. "[That the] government has continued to reduce funding from 17 percent to 14 percent creating a huge gap contrary to [the] World Bank requirement is a serious issue which will not be taken for granted."

The decline in education spending is exacerbated by other economic factors, said Marc Gedopt, Belgian ambassador to Uganda. 

"If we take into account the high rate of inflation at 28.1 percent, the size of the budget is worse than stagnant," he said. "This can have [a] far reaching impact on the ground and serious constraints on our aspirations." 

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