Chile’s educational inequality highlighted by exam

High school and college students in Chile began protesting in August of last year, calling for a more equitable education system. The newly released results of the university entrance exam give further credence to their claims, demonstrating a widening achievement gap between public and private schools in the country, reports the Santiago Times.

The test has been determining university admissions in Chile since 2003. Since 2004, the gap between scores of private and public school students has been growing. This year, the disparity was 157 points on the 850-point test. 

Some universities may change the admissions process to consider a ranking of students within their own schools in an attempt to mitigate the effects of the gap. 

That likely will not be enough for student protesters though: 

The student organization behind the university-level protests, known as Confech, demanded the abolition of the [test] system, which they argue “does not capture the talents of our country, but rather detects the socioeconomic level [of students].”

Many Chilean academics share this view. Monica Silva of Chile’s Universidad Católica, for example,stated that the [test] measures “the opportunity to learn more than the ability to learn.”

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